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An AAA (Attack All Around) Fansite

Shinjiro + Takahiro Love [Updates]
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A Fan Site for AAA (Attack All Around、トリプルエー) !
.about NSL.

nissyshinjilove is a fansite for all the fans of Shinjiro Atae (與真司郎) and Takahiro Nishijima (西島隆弘)! We are a AAA fansite! Come here to discuss your two favorite AAA band members, view amazing pictures and videos, or catch up on the latest information! No matter what the reason, if you're a Shinjiro and/or Takahiro fan, we are here to serve you! &hearts We also specialize in AAA content as well! Be sure to catch all our Shipper, AAA History, and Holiday Specials! ¬es &music ¬e

A lot of content posted on Nissy Shinji Love is Members-Only! So please join to get the best of the goods!

NSL officially opened July 17, 2009. The main page is located HERE!

.the rules.

The rules are the following:

[*] No spamming! (>.<)

[*] No flaming or hate messages of any kind!

[*] If you have a problem with another site member, please let the admin know. Don't fight publicly!

[*] Please respect each other and each other's opinions!

[*] Please do not try to impersonate another person (this means we do not allow users to create multiple accounts and join with them, particularly for reasons that may include breaking the rules)!

[*] Most importantly, HAVE FUN! And enjoy all the Nissy, Shin, and AAA content! &hearts


To join NSL, please click the picture below!
If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to send us a message! We love to hear from all of you! &hearts

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